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Tips to improve your sound quality. We’ve all been there. You are on the web meeting, then one of your co-workers joins and suddenly it sounds like there is a vacuum cleaner running. Then for the rest of the meeting you can hear that whirring sound. Or perhaps for the entire meeting, your co-workers are constantly asking you to speak up. Despite your efforts to project your...

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 Tools to keep distractions from derailing your work load and take you off track. You may have been posed with the following question, “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer: One bite at a time. While the answer may sound rhetorical it makes a lot of sense. When you are confronted by an enormous task, it is best practice to tackle one piece at a time. This...

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Board games could easily be renamed to “bored games” and are a great way to alleviate the boredom associated with staying inside for an extended period. Most households have one or many board games in the attic or sitting on a shelf collecting dust. Some great options are Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk, and the Game of Life. There are many other games intended for families, or adults....

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Remember when all your data fit on a floppy drive? Depending on your age depends on how you answered this question. You either answered yes, I do remember, and I don’t ever want to go back. Or you answer what is a floppy drive? A floppy drive was removable media that help 1.44 Megabytes of data. Hard to imagine but there was a time when 1.44 megabytes was enough to store...

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