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managed security cleveland

You can't go a day without some report of a newly discovered security vulnerability or a ransomware attack. We've all done it. We search the web for free anti-virus and download and install some software, and then convince ourselves that we are protected. We then operate under the illusion that we are too small of a company for hackers to bother with. We aren't the...

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Your name, address, and information live as much on the internet as they do in a physical sense. If you perform any of the following online activities, you can be sure your information is out there: Email, Social Media, Online Shopping, Games, News, Forums. Many major platforms such as Linked In have suffered data breaches. At the very least your name, email address and password...

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This week we are discussing ways to improve your work at home experience. Yesterday we introduced the Mobile First concept where employees are set up with the ability to work from anywhere. We explored how a virtual desktop and a smart phone are the ideal companions and solve many of the problems working from home introduced....

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