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In the world of telecommunications, SIP is a buzzword used by many but often misunderstood. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is defined in RFC 3261. SIP is a signaling protocol designed to set up, tear down and modify phone calls on modern VoIP networks. To be clear, SIP is not what transports the actual audio stream for a phone call; that transport is provided by the RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) in a modern VoIP network and will be addressed in a later blog post.

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In my family we play Pinochle. It’s a card game with a universal set of standard rules. Like many families who enjoy games together, we’ve adapted our game with a set of house rules that make Pinochle at the Moorman house much more enjoyable than the same game played down the street at the Winston’s. At least that’s what my Grandma will tell you.

Just like my family game of Pinochle, VoIP has its own set of universal rules that the industry follows, but we have our own house rules that make our VoIP more fun and easier to sell. This guide will hopefully clear up some of the confusion around N2Net VoIP vernacular and offer clients and agents a handy cheat sheet with the N2Net house rules.

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