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What is SD-WAN?

N2WAN is a game-changing SD-WAN product designed for businesses with disconnected multi-site locations, or businesses currently utilizing an MPLS network.


Software-defined wide area network, or SD-WAN, is a virtualized wide area network. The technology resides at the network edge and is managed via edge appliances. SD-WAN virtually bonds the transport links between sites, and it doesn’t care whether the site is using a T1, DSL, or wireless connection. It “virtually” chooses the best path available to route traffic.


Connecting multi-site locations via MPLS, private fiber, or point-to-point wireless can be an expensive proposition. N2WAN reduces these costs by utilizing a site’s existing internet connection (T1, metro Ethernet, broadband) to dynamically route traffic to multiple locations.

Benefits Include:


    • Augmentation of an existing MPLS network with a second WAN utilizing any local provider.
    • Compliments broadband alternatives.
    • High performance, high availability, and high-quality delivery.
    • Drives business performance through real-time analytics and insights.
    • Security: existing MPLS and privately connected sites typically cite security as their number one reason for implementing that architecture



    • Creates a virtual private network on top of your existing connections without reducing speed or performance.
    • Encrypts all traffic via IPsec, making any connection a secure one.
    • Remote firewall management of individual site locations

Why is N2WAN a Game Changer?


N2WAN puts enterprise-level features in the hands of small and mid-sized businesses at an extremely competitive cost. With features like:


    • Dynamic WAN selection and routing
    • Application Visibility Control
    • Completely Managed Service
    • And Much More (Click here for PDF brochure with full feature list)


N2WAN optimizes WAN connectivity while offering site-level control and flexibility.

Implementing SD-WAN


With SD-WAN, a DSL connection can be used all the time, and not just sit dormant waiting for an outage. SD-WAN simply sees the broadband connection as another available path on the network. Some might recommend that the client lose the T1 and install a second broadband connection.


SD-WAN is a dynamic technology which will reduce dependency on MPLS networks.


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