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Virtual Desktop

Get Ageless and Agile Computing

N2Desk is a Virtual Desktop platform designed to help businesses of all sizes better utilize and manage the company’s desktop computers. With N2Desk you get a fully managed, supported, desktop for each of your employees integrated into the apps they need to do their job!

Benefits of Moving the Desktop to the Cloud:

    • PC Life Cycle Extension
    • Huge Cost Savings
    • Easy to Scale
    • Simple to Update/Upgrade
    • Easier Troubleshooting
    • More Secure


With a virtual desktop solution, the days of buying expensive PC hardware are over! With an average life of 3-5 years, how much could you be saving over the next ten years if you didn’t have to buy new computers?


In addition to the cost of the actual hardware, think about how many hours could be saved if your IT team didn’t have to:

    • Set up the physical PC
    • Install the necessary software
    • Set up anti-virus
    • Set up printing
    • Remove manufacturer pre-installed programs
    • Set up VPN and network connectivity
    • Remove and dispose of the old machines
    • Troubleshoot issues PC by PC.


Virtualizing the desktop allows businesses to deploy a standardized image across all machines, dramatically reducing the time it takes to do everything listed above.


This standardized image will offer better security as all employees will be working off a current anti-virus installation. Adding and removing users is a quick and easy process.


With N2Desk, your business will receive a fully managed and supported desktop for each of your employees with an ROI you’ll love and responsiveness they’ll love.


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