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Why use a Cloud Voice Solution? Much of our recent focus has been on how using the cloud for business services such as computing and data storage has numerous benefits including cost savings, increased security, flexibility and scaling, and more strategic management of thecompany’s IT resources. Many software companies focus tremendous effort on trying to create the next “killer app” hoping to change the way the world does business, and of course become wealthy...

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In yesterday's blog, we explored the primary motivators behind businesses adopting the cloud. We looked at the technical and financial reasoning. The competitive advantage the cloud provides is also a key factor. Today we are going to focus on Cloud Desktops. Cloud Desktops have been available for several years and are growing in popularity. They provide a cost-effective avenue for businesses to meet many of their...

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This week we look at “the Cloud” from a business perspective. What is the Cloud? The Cloud is someone else’s computer to put in the simplest terms. But why would a business choose to use a computer that isn’t theirs and isn’t on their property? Adding to the confusion is the fact that the migration of business computing to the Cloud is more of a tsunami than...

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Today is Friday correct? Ah, It's Friday, or wait is it? I am pretty sure it's Friday, but then again, all my days are running together. Oh well, if it is Friday, then that means I'm ready for the weekend. I don't know about you, but I like to watch movies. I also happen to have almost every streaming service available, so I'm sure to find something...

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