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The Free N2Net Work from Home (WfH) Kit 

For the last 10 days or so, we have been reaching out on subjects that concern businesses running a work from home program.

We’ve been speaking to our customers who tell us they kind of know what this should look like, but since IT is not their main business, they are unsure. 

If that describes you, we have a pretty comprehensive set of tools we’ve gathered from our vendors. Many of these solutions come with a 30 day or longer trial, so you can utilize them without obligation.

 If you need help with implementation we can provide a range of options from free advice to full white glove deployment. 

Our Work From Home Kit includes multiple solutions  for remote workers, from security, to backups, voice calling, and web based video-voice-screen sharing. So what is included in the N2Net Work From Home Kit?

  • courtesy of our vendor, SOPHOS! You can get access to a 90 day trial of Sophos XG, the Next Generation Firewall that can be easily installed in your Hypervisor of choice, Citrix, VMWare, or Hyper -V You can be up and running in about 10 minutes
  • courtesy of Axcient, we will provide a cloud back up on each of your home worker’s devices to protect from ransomware and user error/ loss. This protects many employers who sent users home to use their home devices while working with company data. 
  • courtesy of our vendor, 3CX, this is a free temporary license that will allow you to set up a “Disaster” phone system which can make your smartphones extensions off the work phone system, use an App to make the smartphone or PC act like a phone in the office, and will allow for a “Zoom Meeting” type experience for each of the employees. NOTE: This license needs to be installed on a device or virtual machine and configured. This is an enterprise solution that we’re betting you’ll want to keep once you see it work! 
  • Yes, you have phone lines into your office… Nobody is there! N2Net will provide a free 30 day SIP (VoIP) connection with 5 call paths (concurrent calls) and 500 USAnywhere minutes (about 9 hours), 2 phone numbers (call forward the office number to these) and your business is ready to go! 
  •  This protects endpoints from ransomware! SOC is for Security Operations Center, in other words this software acts like SUPER Anti-Virus and  Anti-Malware with Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can lock down and thwart ransomware and other malicious software.  Better yet, if the software senses an attack it reaches out to the N2Net SOC and requests help from a highly skilled security tech for escalation and to protect your data! This is installed on your remote endpoints! 
  •  Ransomware and Phishing attacks are up 600+% to businesses and 2600% to end users over the past 90 days per many industry sources! The easiest and fastest way to protect everyone in a work from home environment is to keep the bad guys from reaching your people in the first place! Just route your email through our filter. 

The team at N2Net got together to build a suite of solutions based on our customer feedback. We combined our services and leveraged our vendor relationships to offer a best of breed solution at no monthly charge to help get through this tough situation! 

If you have some spare hardware and some the technical savvy, you can take advantage of this kit at no charge. If you need some help setting it up, or want help with things like cloud desktops and cloud servers, we’ve got that too! 

To take advantage of the Work From Home kit, call 216-619-2000 opt3 or email sales@n2net.com