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August 2020

Today we are going to delve into a topic that’s on everybody’s mind. Maybe you’re afraid to ask, because you won’t like the answer. Or perhaps you feel like you’re protected so why tip over the apple cart? Since we sometimes like stirring up the hornet’s nest, we are going to examine how secure your remote workers really are. Are your employees protected from the latest...

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This week we are discussing ways to improve your work at home experience. Yesterday we introduced the Mobile First concept where employees are set up with the ability to work from anywhere. We explored how a virtual desktop and a smart phone are the ideal companions and solve many of the problems working from home introduced....

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Some technology trends happen gradually, while others seem like they come out of nowhere. 2020 has confirmed change is inevitable and revealed that sometimes change can happen overnight. Maybe we can’t go so far as to say, expect change, but we probably shouldn’t get too comfortable either....

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