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January 2017

AreYouReady.jpgTelecommunications Disaster Recovery Plans allow your business to remain open even when the doors are shut due to an unforeseen disaster or event. If you operate a business in Ohio, you may be susceptible to snow or flooding, so it’s important to plan for what you will do if your building, plant or store is not accessible.

This type of planning is often referred to as a continuity of operations plans, or COOP, and includes all facets of your business. Understanding the risks your company faces is important in assessing if disaster recovery is right for you. Read on to learn about the 5 reasons why you should have Disaster Recovery Services for your business.

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4-tips-business-phone.jpgWith so many different options for Northeast Ohio business phone services, choosing the right one can be confusing.

Below are different components of a business phone service system that you should know. Between PBX and SIP Trunks, from Virtual PRI to Disaster Recovery, this post will give you some clarity on what these terms mean and what to look for when selecting the best business phone service in Cleveland. You will also learn how to determine whether your current business phone service provider is right for your company.

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