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Quality of Service

As more and more services migrate to the cloud, so does the need for increased bandwidth. While still viewed as a relatively commoditized service, the speed and quality can (and do) vary by provider. Understanding how your internet bandwidth is provided will not only help you make better buying decisions, but will also help educate on the value versus commodity of bandwidth.

Not all internet access service is created equally. There are two main types of internet access: broadband and dedicated access.

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In the old days (early 2000’s), Data LANs and business phone systems were like my ex-wife’s birthday. She was born on December 29th, and while her birthday was only four days separated from Christmas, I was very sternly warned that they were never to be combined or merged in any way. They were two very separate events, just as voice and data were very separate technologies within the same physical office space.


Eventually, the technologies converged. The holidays never did. And it seemed to me that for the longest time (and even still today), data sales and implementation processes continued to remain separated from voice sales and implementation processes.

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