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March 2014

I work with a lot of agents and phone system dealers who are currently working with, or have worked with Broadvox at one time or another. It’s part and parcel of being in this industry. Broadvox is the big kid in the sandbox and rightly so. They’ve made the investments and have grown their company substantially over the last several years. They are to the SIP carrier world what the Bell companies are to the traditional carrier world.

So what’s wrong with Broadvox? Absolutely nothing. I’m sure they have a ton of very happy customers and agents. They wouldn’t be in business otherwise. This article isn’t about bashing Broadvox. I don’t know or work with them. The information I receive comes in via agents and their experiences. Some are happy while others have expressed frustration.businessman_choices

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The life of a Toshiba dealer, or any system dealer, isn’t one that’s typically envied by others in the sales universe. Phone systems are expensive. They last a long time. The sales cycle can sometimes go on for months, and it’s a constant stream of prospecting. Closing, then, is what separates mediocre dealers from great dealers. It also dictates whether you’re thriving or just surviving.Toolbox_framed

Thriving dealers have great toolboxes. They use their wrench to overcome objection ‘x’ and the hammer to overcome objection ‘y.’ Some of their tools might be discounts on the initial purchase, value-added services like maintenance agreements, or ‘x’ number of MAC’s included with the initial purchase. They’re the ones who look at carrier services, LAN cabling, and try to understand the complete solution.

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In the old days (early 2000’s), Data LANs and business phone systems were like my ex-wife’s birthday. She was born on December 29th, and while her birthday was only four days separated from Christmas, I was very sternly warned that they were never to be combined or merged in any way. They were two very separate events, just as voice and data were very separate technologies within the same physical office space.


Eventually, the technologies converged. The holidays never did. And it seemed to me that for the longest time (and even still today), data sales and implementation processes continued to remain separated from voice sales and implementation processes.

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