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Is your company data, safe at home?

Is your company data, safe at home?

Are you remote workers keeping your company data separated?

                Many companies had work from home solutions in place, prior to the Covid-19 crisis. Those companies who didn’t, had to scramble to find a solution.  In the rush to allow employees remote access, data security may have been overlooked or tossed to the side.

                Now that your employees can work from home, it is time to focus on ensuring that your data is secure. Putting off securing your data until your employees are back in the office, is too late. Every minute that goes by is brining your company one minute closer to a ransomware attack, a data breach, or business email compromise.

                Don’t think that your VPN is the end all solution to keep your data safe. There isn’t a one size fits all solution or product that will keep your data protected. The same principles, and many of the same solutions that are right for the enterprise, can be extended to protect your remote employees.

                End Point Protection

                One area that you need to have taken care of sooner rather than later, is regarding end point protection. With Windows 7 reaching its end of life, many companies were in the middle of migrating to Windows 10. The increase in these projects meant that desktops and laptops were already in short supply.

                Covid-19, compounded this, and left most businesses out in the cold. The solution was to do a reverse BYOD and allow employees to use their home computers to access the corporate network. The security hole this opened is that most home anti-virus relies on definitions and fails to meet the level of security corporate environments need.

                Ransomware and phishing attacks have not decreased as a result of the steps being taken to combat Covid-19. In fact, the exact opposite may be true, and studies may show that cyber-attacks increased in the face of this national emergency.

                With N2Net’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response, your company can be at ease, knowing your business and employee endpoints are protected. Our Security Operations Center will monitor and act if a threat is detected. If ransomware should encrypt your data, you can roll back your files, without the need for restoring them from backup.

                To get started securing your data now, call 216-619-2000 opt 3.