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How is your Work From Home Plan Working Out?

How is your Work From Home Plan Working Out?

Like all of you, Covid-19 has shaken up our world! 

N2Net has been a service provider of all things Voice-Data-Cloud for over 25 years. Based in downtown Cleveland, Ohio, we provide critical infrastructure for our clients: E911 services, dedicated business internet and phone solutions, cloud-based servers and desktops as well as web facing services for e-commerce. Because we provide these services and provide in house engineering support services in our Network Operations Center (NOC)… we always came into work … despite blizzards, sub-zero temps and flooding, our commitment to our customers and our responsibilities didn’t waiver. 

The Covid-19 quarantine had us reviewing our ways, looking to reduce exposure risk because the safety of employees is of utmost importance! Thankfully, 80% of our employees are engineers.

We quickly expanded our use of TEAMS, Cloud desktops, VPN access, configured our phone system to handle routing calls to our homes and cells (Unified Communications), gave everyone a recyclable cloth bag with their needed gear and began a rotation of most employees being home based, while keeping a minimal staff in the building for onsite demands.  

We wanted to extend our expertise with our customers, and business who need a work from home solution. We call this our “Work From Home Kit”  

How N2Net is adapting, and social distancing.

Each day we get everyone on a morning video call (enlightening the different array of pajamas out there!) for our daily huddle. We get our individual, shared and group tasks listed so we can make sure we’re all pulling on the same string… then go over them in 15-30 minutes. Everyone breaks out and starts to get their work done. 

If we need to collaborate, we hop on TEAMS, or in some cases our 3CX video chat (it’s super cool) and all you need is a browser (I.e. Chrome) or download the app on your smartphone… (that’s where this blog started!!). These allow us to see each other… I can tell this is helping with “normalcy” already… to share and jointly work documents and get our work knocked out! 

So, I’m not sure if I was running a company that wasn’t stocked with engineers, and were told by the Governor to close the business location and work at home, that I’d have been able to pivot and set everyone up the next day or two… 

How has your Stay-at-Home plan been going? 

We will be popping out some information during our mutual “Social Distancing” efforts to discuss things many businesses should keep in mind. 

If you would like to hear about how our engineers can help you with a FREE* WorkFromHome” kit please feel free to reach out to me at timm@n2net.com 

Or Simply call 216-619-2000 and select option 3