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Is your Unified Communications missing an ingredient?

Is your Unified Communications missing an ingredient?

Is your Unified Communications missing an ingredient?

If you are into cooking, then you know how frustrating it can be when you are missing an ingredient. Successful cooking involves the ability to combine ingredients to make a delicious dish. The secret to any cooking is using the right amount when following your recipes.

Some recipes are more forgiving than others. A stew is relatively easier to prepare than some soups. Likewise, casseroles are easier than making Grandma’s famous mashed potatoes. If you can recall the last potluck you were invited to, I am sure it had a fair amount of casseroles.

Very few of us are blessed with a palate so refined it can identify even the most subtle ingredients. Despite my lack of refinement, I can tell immediately when a dish is unsalted. The only time I add salt to my food is when it is especially bland.

I am also extremely sensitive to food that is over salted. One exception to the rule “You can never have too much of a good thing” is salt. For me, eating food that has too much salt is next to impossible.

How do you define Unified Communications?

There is a lot of buzz around unified communications. Unified Communications tends to be one of the business products that needs some definition. If you surveyed 100 people and asked them to define Unified Communications, you may not get a consistent answer. In contrast if you asked 100 people what a cell phone is, you would probably receive similar answers.

While you may not define Unified Communications in the same way your competitor does, one this is guaranteed. If one area of your Unified Communications is missing, you will know. Your customers will also know and will draw a comparison in their minds.

If it is difficult to communicate with you via the phone, they will either stop calling, or will resort to email or social media.

I have certain companies I do business with that I try and avoid calling them. There are certain auto attendants that increase my level of frustration. If your customer must call you, the last thing you want is your phone system to increase their level of unhappiness.

Outside of frustrating auto-attendants call quality is at the top of the list of frustrations. Sounding too loud or too faint adds to the difficulty of providing a positive customer experience. Another thing you want to avoid is choppy audio that appears cut up. Being able to hear syllables or every other word is terrible.

The number one thing you want to avoid is dropped calls. If you want to guarantee a customer gets angry or stops doing business with you, then have the call drop. Your customers are already annoyed that they had to wait on hold for 20 minutes to a half an hour. They then must repeat themselves as they are transferred from department to department, and then voila without warning the call drops.

In the same way you don’t want phone calls to drop you don’t want web meetings to be poor either.

Done correctly Unified Communications can empower your business, improve employee productivity and enable you to provide outstanding customer service.

Using the wrong solution or an outdated one can lead to less productivity. If you have the wrong communications solution, you may be contributing to your customers dissatisfaction.

What have you been missing?

Now is the perfect time to evaluate your Unified Communications solution and make sure it doesn’t have any ingredients missing.

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