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Don’t Let Fear Overwhelm You

Don’t Let Fear Overwhelm You

Take Action!

Don’t let the fear of a Cyber Attack Overwhelm You!

Fear is a great motivator. We are all wired with the fight or flight response to danger. When faced with oncoming danger we are designed to act before our brains register what is going on.

Fear can also lead to inaction. Failing to respond when faced with a threat can lead to a painful or tragic outcome. We can’t let the fear of ransomware and the thought that an attack is inevitable lead us to remain complacent.

Everyday I read stories regarding cyber threats and cyber-attacks. I have heard the experts give their opinion that it is not if, it is when your company will be hit with a cyber-attack. Yet every story I read drives me to fight even harder. Each story describing business email compromise causes me to be more suspicious of emails and attachments.

Reading about the length of downtime and the crushing financial impact cyber attacks bring, leads me to implement methods to avoid being their next victim.

I am not naive or arrogant. I do not allow myself to think it won’t happen to me. I’ve had my debit card stolen, and my google account compromised. Being aware of the potential consequences only fuels my vigilance to thwart their attacks.

As their sophistication of attack rises, so must the sophistication of my defense. If hackers employ artificial intelligence, my end point protection must also use AI.

Don’t just play checkers.

If you are playing checkers, it is time to start playing chess. Chess involves anticipating your opponents moves and how to combat them. Checkers is more binary. Hackers are anything but predictable. They are nothing if not determined. After all, failing to steal data means their failure to earn a paycheck.

Cyber crime is business, and business is booming!  Over the past 5 years cyber crime has become more organized and coordinated. The intensity and frequency of attack is staggering. It would be easy to hide in a corner and turn off your computer forever. To bid email a fond farewell and return to sending snail mail.

Disconnecting from digital communication isn’t realistic nor is it practical. The act of you refusing to use email or a computer is not going to stop cyber-attacks. Even if a hacker can’t get to your personally, they are trying to attack your bank, or access other online accounts.

The best thing to do is fight back. Use a password manager. Use Next-Generation Anti-Virus software. Scrutinize every email and avoid email attachments from unknown users.

Many of the basic steps to follow to avoid a cyber attack are still relevant. If you have forgotten them take a refresher course, or read US Cert’s guide to protecting your home computer:


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