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VoIP Can Be Low-Touch High-Margin for MSPs

VoIP Can Be Low-Touch High-Margin for MSPs

We work with a lot of Managed Service Providers, and the one common theme among them is their desire to focus on providing maximum value to their clients within their core focus, and find reliable, trustworthy partners to provide services outside of their main business area. Secondarily, they want to increase revenue and profitability in all areas of their businesses.

The Stress for MSPs

As a client’s needs evolve, so do the demands of their trusted partners like MSPs. Most MSPs are focused on the health of the Lan, and may or may not have help or support from an internal IT resource at the client site. In cases where the MSP is the sole manager of a client’s IT infrastructure, all questions technology-related fall to them.

As we know, these questions can range from, “why isn’t my printer working?” to, “How do I sync my Outlook to my mobile device?”

While adept in providing answers to most client’s questions, even the best MSP can’t do it all. Voice service is rapidly becoming one of the areas where clients are looking to MSPs for help. Many of the MSPs who have turned to us for help in providing voice solutions for their clients have already partnered with another VoIP provider who has either failed in providing great service, or limits the MSP’s ability to support their client with the new voice application.

How HPBX Can Add Profit and Value


Even if an MSP finds a voice partner who can reliably deliver SIP and Hosted PBX solutions to their clients, the MSP is rarely, if ever, turning an actual profit on those services. What little margin the make is often lost because the MSP is the one submitting trouble tickets and dealing with support on behalf of their client. This not only eats at profits, but also costs real dollars in unbillable support.

How, then, can an MSP legitimately offer voice services to clients, limit support touches, and make actual profit? In most cases, it’s easier said than done.


How N2Net Helps MSPs Profit

Here at N2Net, we specialize in working with and helping MSPs offer VoIP solutions to their clients. Unlike other partners, however, we have designed our products, services, and support options specifically for our MSP partners.

  1. We bill MSP clients directly and provide some of the most aggressive monthly recurring commission rates in the industry. This removes billing, invoicing, and those administrative costs from the MSP’s plate.
  2. We give MSP’s the choice to handle Tier 1 support. If they want their clients to contact our support department directly, no problem. If, however, the MSP wants to handle those Tier 1 support calls, we say no problem! In fact, in situations where an MSP chooses to handle Tier 1 support, we encourage them to build or include their support into their client’s monthly service agreement. MSP’s shouldn’t be handling voice support for free, so rather than limiting what our MSP partners can and can’t support, we let them decide.
  3. Because we’re a SIP carrier, we offer our MSP partners more products to sell. A typical HPBX company has limited offerings for resale. At N2Net, our MSPs sell everything from HPBX to SIP, disaster recovery solutions, co-location, and dedicated Internet circuits.

Contact N2Net’s MSP Manager today and learn how you can make voice service for clients low-touch, high-margin offerings today!