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3 Amazing Calling Features Every Northeast Ohio Business Needs

3 Amazing Calling Features Every Northeast Ohio Business Needs

business phone image.jpgToday there are many unique calling features and add-on’s available for Northeast Ohio businesses phone plans. Some are as basic, such as incoming and outgoing calls and conference calling.  But, if you desire more flexibility when it comes to running your business, there are several key options you should consider.

Read on to learn about the 3 most amazing calling features available for businesses phone plans in Northeast Ohio.

1. Forward Calls to any Device

Taking some PTO but still feel the need to be there for your clients? Forwarding your calls to any device gives you great flexibility. Enjoy your time off without worrying about the numerous voicemails that will be left when you return from vacation.

Call forwarding lets you answer calls from your work landline wherever you are. Best of all, you will still have caller identification so you can choose when to pick-up. 

2. Readable Voicemail

Unfortunately, not every voicemail you receive will be clear, or you may have trouble writing down a name and number fast enough. Other times, you may be out of the office unable to listen to your messages. Readable voicemail solves all of these problems.

Readable voicemail transcribes any voicemail left on your work phone and delivers it to your email inbox. Now the information is not only copied down in text, but also saved in a voice message and an email, so you can easily capture everything you need to know.

3. Video Calling

Make conference calling that much more personal with Video Calling. Have a “sit down” meeting with your client in California while you’re sitting at your desk in Cleveland. Clients will feel a more personal connection by putting a face to the voice they hear on a regular basis.

These are just three of the contemporary business phone add-ons you could be implementing with your business phone service. To learn more about advanced call features, click the button below to download the Northeast Ohio Business Internet Service Buyer’s Guide, free!