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Spam Reports

Spam Reports

N2Net’s mail system will send a daily Spam Report email to users on our mail platform. The Spam Report message will list any new email messages which have been quarantined by our spam filters. There are also links for each message that allow you to mark the messages as Not Spam or Spam.


Selecting the Not Spam link will deliver the message to your Inbox, whitelist the sender’s address, and train our systems not to block similar messages.


Selecting the Spam link will confirm that the message is spam, blacklist the sender, and train our systems to block similar messages.


Selecting the View link will show a preview of the messages so that you can make a decision as to whether the message is Not Spam or Spam.


If you wish to configure or disable the Spam Report, please use the appropriate link below.


Hosted Mail Customers

Log into WebMail and select Options > Spam Control > Spam Log to adjust the settings.

Mail Shield Customers

Log into Mail Shield and select Spam > Spam Log to adjust the settings.


Further information regarding our spam filters can be found in our Spam Filtering FAQ for Hosted E-Mail.