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Web Hosting

This article describes the features and usage of N2Net’s Web Hosting Services.

N2Net provides two Web Hosting platforms:  Linux+Apache and Windows+IIS.  The choice of which platform to use is dependent on your site design.  For example, ASP.NET or ASP sites would require Windows+IIS Web Hosting.

You have several tools available to access your website.   Site files can be managed via FTP.  We also provide the Plesk web hosting control panel which allows you to manage most other aspects of your website (i.e. databases, custom error documents, scripting support, etc.).


The HTTP_HOME environment variable is available for any application which requires the absolute path to a file or directory.  You should never use a hard-coded absolute path since that path could potentially change.  Examples of using this environment variable in several scripting languages are provided below.



<% Response.Write(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_HOME")) %>


print $ENV{'HTTP_HOME'};


import os
print os.environ['HTTP_HOME']
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