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Unified Communications and IT Solutions for a Variety of Industries


N2Net serves all markets with unified communications, but specializes in serving the unique needs of Insurance, Health Care, Finance and I.T. companies. We’re exceptionally equipped to provide solutions above and beyond other business phone and data companies because we own and manage our own network and IP space. We can provide dedicated internet access and offer 100% guaranteed quality of service. Most other providers would attempt to push all of your critical voice and data traffic over the public Internet. We serve over 500 business clients and have been operating for over 20 years. With that kind of track record, you can rest easy and focus on what’s most important—getting back to business.

Managed Service Providers

A loss of voice/Internet connection for a Managed Service Provider means big headaches and lost business. And nothing’s worse than wasting time on hold with your provider, or having to explain the problem over and over to different people who answer the phone each time. At N2Net, we understand how to make MSPs a hero to their customers. We make it easy to get quotes and determine just the right service packages for your customer; easy to port a customer’s existing numbers to new carriers; and easy to troubleshoot problems.  We make voice and data a reliable revenue stream for the busy MSP, rather than a source of hassle and customer frustration.


I.T. Managers don’t want to talk to first level support. I.T. Managers don’t want to be stuck in a queue. I.T. Managers want engineers who can bring them solutions and solve their problems. At N2Net, we know what I.T. Managers want because we’re I.T. people, too. That’s why we’re the telephone and Internet company I.T. Managers love!

We know that an I.T. Manager’s job is demanding. Not only do you have to manage a local area network, PC’s, servers, and printers, but now that IP telephony (a traditionally non-I.T. supported technology) sits on the LAN, it’s just something else the I.T. Manager has to support. At N2Net, we’ve got your back. N2Net is the company by engineers for engineers.


Whether you’re a hospital or an independent skilled nursing facility, N2Net can help. With our centralized cloud-based system focused on medical phone service, we can offer the quality of service you and your patients demand. Additionally, we realize that medical internet service is extremely important for healthcare providers to communicate in real time.


As the insurance industry continues moving toward more cloud-based technologies, it’s more important than ever to ensure your service provider can support these moves. Whether you’re acquiring competitors or supporting multiple offices, leveraging the cloud to serve your clients will make you more efficient and more competitive.


N2Net is experienced in providing insurance phone and internet solutions to help meet the needs of mid-sized insurance companies who are supporting multiple office locations and acquiring smaller competitors.


If your company belongs to the finance industry, you’re well aware of the strict the compliance requirements to which you must adhere. In addition to the regulatory requirements you face from the S.E.C., many financial institutions face additional requirements from insurers, shareholders, and external accrediting institutions. One of the major requirements from many of these third party institutions is a written plan for disaster recovery.


While your I.T. department is likely backing up your servers, hard drives, and digital assets, who’s backing up your voice? More importantly, what happens when the phones go offline? N2Net has your disaster recovery solution.

Do You Have A Telecom Disaster Recovery Plan?

Everyone thinks that disaster will not strike their business – until it happens. Ensure your phone and internet systems continue to work throughout the disaster.

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