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Tips to Secure your Mobile Phone

Tips to Secure your Mobile Phone

secure your mobile phone

Our phones go everywhere with us, even to the bathroom. Let’s not talk about that. Instead, let’s focus for a few minutes on how much data lives on your personal cell phone.

Most people use their phone for much more than simply talking. If you are like me, you use it for banking, web browsing, and just about everything. Outside of work, I use my phone or tablet for 80% of my computer use.

I access social media through my phone, and even do the majority of my online shopping all through my cell phone. Fortunately, I work in IT, so I am exposed daily to the onslaught of security events. Events that are a result of defending against attackers or the threat intelligence sources we subscribe to.

To help make your digital life a little more secure we want to provide some free tips. No need to fill out a form, or jump through hoops.

Simply download the pdf and go. This is our way of giving back and helping keep your data safe.

Simply follow this link N2Net tips to secure your mobile phone  and the tips are yours.

If you find them helpful please let us know by dropping us a note at sales@n2net.com