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Your Success is up to you

Your Success is up to you

Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right.” – Henry Ford

We’ve been writing a lot the past couple of weeks about technical work things. Some of us are in industries that are devastated by the events of the last couple of months. Some of us are in jobs where we’re considered (by someone who’s apparently important) necessary for the good of society.

No matter where your job falls on the spectrum, YOU are the important factor in all this! Except for some social media trolls, I think I speak for most Americans that we are all rooting for each other to come out of this healthy and ready to resume our lives! Americans have a history of overcoming obstacles, and you share in this heritage. Undoubtedly we are in a “new reality”, just like anyone who lived through the events of 9/11, you couldn’t help come out of that period with a changed perspective.

I liked this quote because it helps define the essence of what is going to make your future bright, … or not so much!

I’m naturally optimistic maybe to a fault. I’ve been watching the news on television, reading the posts on social media, listening to the radio hosts, and talking with friends and coworkers these past few weeks, as I’m sure you have too. We’re all living a similar version of the same reality, but WOW! do people interpret events differently!

Your mind is like  a muscle. Your attitude determines your motivation and how you use that muscle. Do yourself and your family a favor and use your attitude to filter out the negative and focus on what steps can be taken to create a positive outcome!

Best wishes for a great week!