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Internet Service

Stay Connected With Dedicated Internet!

T1, T3, and Metro Ethernet

N2Net delivers a 24/7 connection that your business can depend on.


The reliability and performance of your Internet feed is highly dependent on the quality, competence, connectivity, and engineering of your Internet Service Provider (ISP). N2Net’s network not only supports your T1 access, we offer service level agreements to ensure your experience with us is second to none!


Why a dedicated connection?


    • Reliable and secure – no lost productivity
    • Fast business-class Internet Access guaranteed 1.54 Mbps
    • Quality of Service on Voice Over IP Phone Systems
    • One line and our turnkey hardware package service your entire network
    • Run an in-house web server for web and E-commerce solutions
    • Video conference with your employees and customers to save time and money.
    • N2Net is your one-stop source for installation, setup and maintenance.

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