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Imagine if you were the only one on the internet

Imagine if you were the only one on the internet

Before Working from Home my internet seemed fast.

Does it seem like your home internet connection is slow? Kudos to the network engineers that have kept the internet running. They deserve our thanks and gratitude.
If you used the internet when AOL was king, then you will remember how websites used to load. Browsing the internet over a modem, took time. A website’s content wasn’t instant. No, websites took time to load, often text first, then images.
The only option in those days was to wait. Once a page was completely loaded and only then could you browse the content.
No one can deny the importance of the internet. It has no doubt altered society. One could argue that human behavior has changed as a result of the internet.
We now can have relationships that exist online only. The level of interaction the internet affords was never possible in past times.
One could make the case that the internet is a necessity today. It would be very difficult to conduct business offline. Not impossible, but it should be more difficult.
If the internet is not as responsive as you have grown accustomed to, it is because everyone is using it. While you are trying to have a web conference, students are doing schoolwork.
When you factor in online streaming, online radio and you name it, it is no wonder why the performance is lagging.
If your home router supports it, you can turn on service quality or increase the priority of your device. This will push traffic from your work device to the front of the queue. On your home network at least, your data will go out first.
This will not change the priority of your data on the public internet. Once your data leaves your network it is competing with all the other data.
Time of day can help. People are less likely to binge watch at 8:00 am then they are at 8:00 pm. Try scheduling your meetings during off times to help avoid poor meeting experience.
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