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Do you know where all of your data is?

Do you know where all of your data is?

Fun Fact

Willie Sutton was asked by reporter Mitch Ohnstad why he robbed banks. According to Ohnstad, he replied, “Because that’s where the money is”.

For many businesses their “money” is their data! Not long ago, you had control over where your corporate data was saved. Your main file server was backed up, so in the event of a ransomware attack, or a hardware failure, you could quickly recover your data.

Enter our present reality: Your backups are running at the office, but your employees are remote and may be downloading and storing data locally… it’s easier and faster to work on. Your backups are still running, but are you sure all your data is being backed up? The “Bank” may be less full of money than you think!

Many business are or have considered moving all or some of their data to the “Cloud” in recent years. Factors generally considered for this migration are cost of equipment, workforce flexibility, and the reliability of automated back up services such as Datto, Axcient, and others which allow for a local copy and a synched cloud copy which can be spun up with a couple of keystrokes to allow the users to use the cloud copy as the server. It’s not Willie Sutton’s reality anymore.

With your employees working from home, the paradigm has shifted, and when we get back to the “new normal” there will be (I predict) a large percentage of businesses who decide to examine the questions “what worked and what didn’t go so well”?

It is possible that employees are storing company data next to their vacation pictures, so you could be in for a headache.

Part of our free work from home kit includes a free backup service for your remote workers computers & tablets. If you are not sure, the old adage “better to be safe than sorry” might be worth revisiting!

When you get to asking the questions about what worked, we’d like to help you with that conversation.

N2Net has a file sync service that can backup and protect your data. Our file sync solution will securely backup your files on your employees personal computers, and your corporate network, and store them in the cloud.

Call 216-619-2000 opt3, or email sales@n2net.com to schedule your free disaster recovery review today!

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