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Do you have the proper Security Mindset?

Do you have the proper Security Mindset?

Your Security Mindset

“Where there is a will, there is a way” There is debate as to where this quote originated. Was it in 1640 by George Herbert or a did it originate some years later?

While there can be an argument over the origins there can be little argument over the meaning. To put this in its simplest form, if you are determined to accomplish something, then you will.

Hackers and other malicious actors are determined to access data and networks without permission of their respective owners. That is their “business” for lack of a better term. They spend the majority of their time, seeking ways to extract data so they can make a quick profit.

One could argue that they are in the correct mindset for their job. They have a will to steal information and work to find a way to accomplish their goal.

Where is your mind?

The popular band, the Pixies have a song, “Where is my mind?” Although they muse through a myriad of questions and explanations, ask yourself – “Where is my mind?

Is your mind focused on potential threats? Are you looking at your security risks and taking steps to solve them?

The reality is, hackers are light years ahead in their methods. Hacking has morphed from the teenager in the basement to sophisticated, and highly organized organizations. Often supported by a nation state, the art of hacking is no longer a hobby.

Your mind needs to be in the game. How can you prevent a security attack if you don’t even know the rules by which you are playing? Security professionals are expensive and highly skilled. Many of them are former hackers themselves so the insight they offer is sought after.

Hacking is no longer a hobby

Are you treating your company’s security as an afterthought or is it at the forefront of your company’s IT budget?

Too often businesses use reserve or leftover funds for their cyber security purchases. These companies are the most likely to suffer a security breach because they purchase products based on lowest price alone. They fail to consider and even factor in the cost of an actual security breach.

Companies who purchase strictly on the lowest price, also overlook key components of an overall security policy. When the wrong amount of resources is allocated to such an important area of your business such as cyber security, it is far too easy to miss the most important elements.

Success is in the details

As an avid baker, my daughter can identify the ingredients used to make a cake or muffin. She can pinpoint the slightest hint of nutmeg, or even a touch of vanilla. She also knows when shortcuts have been taken and someone put too little salt, or sugar, or oil, etc…

Like my daughter, hackers know quickly whether they are up against a company who takes security seriously, or if they are dealing with a company who doesn’t.

They can also tall when companies aren’t using email protection, security awareness training and endpoint detection and response.

If you have run a marketing campaign, then you know certain elements can be tracked. You can track email delivery, email blocks, opens, and click throughs.

Hackers can do the same with the malicious emails they send. They can track if the email is delivered. Then determine if they have an actual user. They can tell if an attachment or link is opened and how often.

You can be sure that if they determine there is a weak link in your defense, they will attempt to exploit it.

The problem and the solution

There isn’t really one problem, there are many problems. The challenge in today’s climate is that hackers are increasing their frequency and rate at which they are attempting to breach networks. Since they use zombie computers, and are beginning to employ artificial intelligence, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep the attackers at bay.

While the effort needed to prevent a security breach is increasing, it is not an impossible endeavor. It will take vigilance and determination in order to keep your data protected. It will take the right technology and the correct knowledge.

The solution is to work with a team with the knowledge and skillset to secure your information. Trying to hire your own security professionals could be a costly endeavor. Purchasing all the products and eating up your capital isn’t the best option with how quickly threats emerge and change.

SaaS – Security as a Service

A better choice is to purchase your security as a service. With a service you get up to date software and hardware, so you receive the benefit of being protected as techniques change. You also have professionals who can work with your employees and management for training and assisting with your businesses’ compliance requirements.

With Security as a Service, you end the need to update licenses, replace hardware and purchase new software. Configuration changes and updates are handled for you.

Plus, you get a team monitoring the security of your network 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

SaaS makes protecting your network accessible and affordable. Before security as a service, companies had to pick and choose which security purchases would fit into their budget.

Security professionals will tell you that the most effective means to data protection is a multi-layered approach. Compare it to an m&m, you want a hard-outer shell and software that protects the inside. Logs needs to be cataloged and monitored to detect anomalies and recognize abnormal behavior.

Don’t go it Alone

Align yourself with a team of professionals. In life there are those who chart their own course, and those who follow the success of others.

When it comes to security, follow those who are successfully keeping their data safe and secure. Work with our team and implement the proven security measures that mitigate and prevent cyber security events.

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