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If you’re confused about what an IVR is, you are probably more familiar with it than you realize. An interactive voice response, commonly abbreviated as IVR, allows your customers to communicate with your business using a telephone’s keypad. An automated attendant collects input, processes it, and can effectively route phone calls. You may have experinced an IVR when dialing a business and typing the first three letters of last name of the person you would like to speak with. You’ve also interfaced with an IVR if you’ve ever voted on popular TV shows like American Idol or Big Brother.

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An investment in disaster recovery is like buying an insurance policy on your business continuity.  A disaster paralyzing your company is about the only thing no business owner expects. So, for those forward-thinkers in the business world, we created this quick and simple checklist to make sure you’re prepared for a disaster that is thrown your way (regardless of size or scope).

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In the world of serial entrepreneurs, incubators, and venture capitalists everyone is looking for a competitive advantage to put their company on the “bleeding edge.” To achieve this, we propose that startups closely inspect an aspect of their company that is too often overlooked: the phone system. A hosted phone system, or hosted PBX (HPBX) is the perfect startup phone system for a litany of reasons.

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