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Author: Jason

Are you remote workers keeping your company data separated?                 Many companies had work from home solutions in place, prior to the Covid-19 crisis. Those companies who didn’t, had to scramble to find a solution.  In the rush to allow employees remote access, data security may have been overlooked or tossed to the side.                 Now that your employees can work from home, it is time to focus on ensuring that your data...

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We put together a handy checklist to help your business make sure you are keeping your data safe. Ensure remote device is for business use onlyYour home work space should not allow for outside view of displaysUse WiFi with WPA2 security or better.Use a VPN to connect employees to company networkDo not use default passwordsDo not allow family / friends to use your work devicesDo not...

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Covid-19 Update and Response A message from our President Ed Rozak: The last two weeks have seen extraordinary measures being taken to reign in the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As our health and government leaders strive to prevent the depletion of medical resources and the exhaustion of the medical professionals, which we all rely on at our own points in time, large parts of the US...

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