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Are your employees leaking data?

Are your employees leaking data?

Has employees working from home, increased your data security risk?

In the panic to create an out of office, or work from home environment, we found many employers resorted to allowing employees to use their personal devices. This scenario means corporate data now resides on devices that lack an equivalent level of security as their corporate counterparts.

IT Departments, and managers can be certain that these personal devices are not maintained to the same degree that corporate devices are. Your employee’s personal devices have a much higher risk of previously undetected spyware, trojans and other malicious software.  

When you add in the fact that protection on these home these devices may not be up to date, and could be running inadequate anti-virus software, the security ramifications are real, and should not be overlooked.

Rather than continue to ramble on, here are a list of items your business should consider:

  • With slow, choppy internet in many communities right now, a WFH (work from home) employee may be tempted to pull the information down to their local computer so they are not constantly struggling to access files so they can work more quickly… that means your files and other data may be saved on their local hard drives! 
  • Depending on your industry, you may have compliance requirements with HIPPA, PCI, standards that strictly prohibit this and can expose your firm up to $250,000 per offense!
  • Since the ramp up of the Covid-19 virus, phishing and ransomware attempts are up over 600% in less than 3 months! You may have paid for a good antivirus, and antimalware software in the office… but what is on your employees’ personal computer? Free antivirus? No antivirus?  
  • When the file is changed and saved back to their hard drive… then uploaded back to your office how infected is it? Do you know? What type of backups are you doing? 

The longer this work from home environment drags on, the greater the risk of data corruption, data compromise and ransomware grows.

N2Net would like to review your current disaster recovery plan and make recommendations to help you secure your data. We want to offer you access to our engineers and our 25 years of expertise.

Simply call 216-619-2000 opt3, or email sales@n2net.com to schedule your free disaster recovery review today!

We created a free Work From Home (WFH) Kit to assist you you can check it out here.