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Are MSPs the New Second Class Citizen?

Are MSPs the New Second Class Citizen?

NNT_MSP_Blogcta.jpgAs a Managed Service Provider, you provide a valuable service to your customer. You take care of the logistical problems that your clients don’t want to or simply can’t deal with on their own. But in order to do your job ensuring that your customer’s IT infrastructure is doing its best, you need to make sure that your own internet and phone systems are running at top form. And that requires the assistance of a carrier to provide you with top-notch services.

But what happens when your carrier treats you not like a customer but a competitor? With some big companies, this is exactly what happens. But today, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: as an MSP, you have options.

Common Internet & Phone Carrier Issues MSPs Face

If you’re working with one of the big internet and phone carriers like Verizon or AT&T, you’ve likely already come across the major issues with their companies:

  • The low-level tech support staff has very little knowledge of what’s going on when there’s an issue
  • The support team can’t tell you what the issue is and has no idea how to fix your problem
  • Because they can’t help you, they will bounce you around the call center until you get to a manager who might be able to give you some answers
  • The response time when there is an issue is very long and often requires several rounds of queries before a resolution is offered

These issues might be okay for a residential customer who has ample time on their hands to figure out why they’ve been sent the wrong cable box for the third time. But it’s not okay when your business relies on a healthy and reliable phone and internet connection.

Dedicated Internet Access Cuts Out the Middle Man

If you wouldn’t dream of putting ill-equipped tech support on the phone with one of your biggest clients, why would you rely on that kind of person to take care your own connection issues? You might be using that kind of service because it’s affordable, or maybe because you didn’t know you had a choice. But you do.

With Dedicated Internet Access you don’t have to deal with the middle man. In fact if there’s an issue with your connection, a support team member will be able to find the problem and remedy it in just a few seconds because there’s nothing between your business and the internet except for a high quality Metro Ethernet fiber connection.

N2Net Offers Direct Internet Access to Busy MSPs

N2Net offers dedicated internet access to MSPs in all industries. And with over 20 years of experience providing high quality, high speed internet and phone access to businesses like yours, we know what it takes to make you feel like the most important person in the room.

Learn more about Business Class Internet now to unplug from the call center, and get connected to your personal internet connection with N2Net now.